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I just merged my branch of Konqueror searchbar plugin that supports Opensearch [1] mainly to replace my own implementation of search suggestion. Opensearch has an xml formatted open search description, that may contain search url and suggestion service url. To parse the xml, I borrowed Arora’s open search xml parser and writer, written by Jakub Wieczorek.

The suggestions list from the searchbar still looks the same:
Wikipedia suggestions list

The searchbar also supports opensearch autodiscovery [2], meaning that if you find a site that provides a search implementation, you can easily add that new search provider to the searchbar. Additionally, you can set a new shortcut for that newly defined search provider, so that you can use that webshortcut inside the normal konqueror location bar or anything that supports webshortcut.

Here are two screenshots of the searchbar detecting an opensearch autodiscovery link element and the searchbar asking for a webshortcut for the newly added searchbar:
Wikipedia opensearch autodiscover
Wikipedia webshortcut

Why do I need to bother to add autodiscovery feature that is rarely used by user? Well, I also don’t know, maybe just to make it comparable to other browsers like FF or arora or IE8 :p



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